Who to call at 1200/75 these days? (V23 modem)

The question everyone is asking - and here’s an answer:
The TELSTAR Videotex System – GlassTTY

The service can be accessed using a traditional V23 modem or an internet modem in conjunction with a home computer. In the case of the BBC Microcomputer, Acorn’s Prestel adapter can be used. In addition access can be gained from from a PC or Mobile device using Richard T Russell’s BBC Basic for SDL 2.0 or Matrix Brandy BASIC V for Linux. Access can even be gained from the web thanks to the efforts of Simon Laszcz (see here).

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1200/75 Modem - what to ring up? - stardot.org.uk


Where any TV’s made with telstar video text system?

Very many televisions in Europe (at least) had teletext/videotext capability but I don’t know of any with modems. France of course had Minitel and that used V.23.