What is that DELL 486 Model Number?

Way back in the later 80’s-earlier 90’s, I was a Machine Designer and CAD Operator.
When I started, our office used IBM main frame and main frame CAD Software, named CADAM on large 21" terminals.
In the early 90’s, my company was trying to retire our main frame as IBM was charging a fortune for support and licensing.
So, we migrated to PC based CAD software.
Dell brought in a demonstration workstation, a Dell 486/33 D that had the SmartVu on the front of the case.
The special feature of this PC is in addition to the onboard graphics card, these PC’s a full length graphics card in priority graphics slot on the motherboard.
They also were installed with a full length 3COM NIC that was on a EISA card.
We bought several of these workstations with NEC 21" connected to special graphics card and a 14" standard VGA to the onboard graphics card.
NT 3.51 Workstation supported dual monitors, which was amazing.
I know, dual montiors are taken for granted today, but back then, it was very uncommon.
(I have been told since that even in this era, high workstations supported dual monitors, but it was all new to me)
These PC’s had a special model number, something like Dell 486-33/DGX as the special graphics card inside was named DGX (something similar to this)
I do not remember the exact title for that graphic card or thus the model that PC.

I am fairly certain the name was not IPX, like the later Dell machines were called.

This would have been in about 1993 or 1994.

Does any recall such a Dell model and what that exact name of that graphics card?

I’d search for old adverts, for example, perhaps
The Computer Paper 1993-10 (Dell Dimension 450/XPS)
Computerworld December 27, 1993 (Dell Optiplex MXV)

Although the 2nd one is aimed at consumers, the OptiPlex series is the only business line ,I’ve found for these days.

The graphics card is even difficult as optional and maybe from another manufacturer.
I found via this site (next to some other possible models)


STB Powergraph C33, supporting 2 monitors


All 486er