"What have we lost? Interesting ideas from forgotten systems" (CCC)

From the 2020 iteration of CCC, “What have we lost” is a presentation by TQ Hirsch, Calvin Bucley and Landon Rodgers. Covering, perhaps,

  • Genera from Symbolics
  • Interlisp-D
  • BTRON (still in use - a legacy of Japan’s TRON)
  • i from IBM (also still in use)

#rC3 - What have we lost? (50 mins plus 15mins Q&A)

via discussion at HN

also, semantically nearby and linked within but much mainstream, a legit online copy of a book, covering the rudiments of how to drive Unix, VMS, OS/400, VM/CMS, MVS:

by Bob DuCharme (originally published in 1994 as “The Operating System Handbook”)