Weird computer connectors / buses. List?

Whenever I find (photos of) an old computer, I’m often fascinated by the buses and connectors. Either large, with many pins or just the amount of (different) buses. I haven’t even found a list with photos of standard connectors. There are some lists on Wikipedia like these, but there are photos missing and I found one list on the French Wikipedia with no photos and many red links.

-List of network buses - Wikipedia
-List of video connectors - Wikipedia
-Liste des normes de l'Union internationale des télécommunications — Wikipédia

Every company had their own standards like for home computers. I’m mainly interested in old, non-standard or early standard (internal and mainly external) connectors.
Are there any good lists (with photos)? Or some more good examples of weird connectors?

Some weird connectors. The last one is at a IBM 705, and I found some more interesting stuff there (my earlier Dahlgren engraving machine).