Wanted! Panasonic CF-41 CPU board

Hello! I need a new CPU board for my Panasonic CF-41 as the original has been destroyed by battery corrosion. I have looked online for one but can’t see any apart from on ASAP Semiconductor (anyone had any luck with them?). Preferably, I’d like the Pentium 75 board as this is what was originally inside it, but anything will do just to get it working. Any help would be appreciated!

Interesting that a laptop with only 3 years of production (1994-6) had so many CPU options:

  • Intel 486DX2-50 (CF41D)
  • Intel 486DX4-75 (CF41F)
  • Intel 486DX4-100 (CF41G)
  • Intel Pentium 75 (CF41P)
  • Intel Pentium 90 (CF41Q)
  • Intel Pentium 120 (CF41R)