VT100 simulator and 3D printed case

Regarding the quack, it may be interesting, if this also works with Bell + ASCII 127 (0x7F), meaning, it’s a canceled bell sound. (Mind that all bits set is traditionally “delete” – as on paper tape.)
It may be intentional, or it may be just about the sound generation being delayed by an attempt to cancel a non-cancelable, which is the bell sound.

I don’t have anything concrete to offer, sorry, but I do remember some terminals, could have been Televideo… or CIT?, having something similar if you had file with BELs and they followed each other “too fast”, one got sort “strangulated bell” one started but then another started and cut off the first one, which resulted in a strange sound effect… but I wouldn’t call that a “quack”.

Progress with the physical model.


Would it be possible/desirable to 3D print a keyboard? I’m thinking that you have a boring USB keyboard inside the shell, and the 3D printed keys are simply “fakes” with square rods that directly rest on the “real” keys underneath. The upper side of the shell has hollow posts for the rods.

The point is, you can get the key shapes you want, but you don’t need to mess around with springs or the electronics.

I think that should be possible, but then I don’t know anything about CAD or mechanical design. (The 3D model I’m using was made by someone else, Michael Gardi.)

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Updating the CRT appearance.