Virtual visit to System Source Computer Museum

Here are some findings from the website of the System Source Computer Museum near Baltimore, starting with a DEC PDP 12 Front Panel, 1973 (photo by Lin Lee):

Here’s a short TV piece showing you around:

That large machine used in the space race - that’s the 30 bit Univac 490 designed by Seymour Cray:

And don’t miss the Multiputer, the Think-a-Tron, the Geniac, the Digi-Comp…

Also nearby: Abacuses, slide rules (Otis King! Thacher!), comptometers, the Millionaire, the Altair, Apple I, II, III, Lisa, PET, Superbrain, Sinclair, Atari, Amiga, Next, up to a Cray T94.

Oh, and the Logic Goats from Rob Ives - a mechanical treat

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I’m pretty sure the PDP-12 is my favorite DEC front panel.

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