[virtual] VCF Midwest 15 - all day Saturday

Running order and links to YouTube and Discord here:

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Look, a lunch break! They may have learned from VCF West. :wink:

So the videos are up now… just listening to the Tamiko Thiel interview (Thinking Machines design) and there’s some really interesting notes in there. There’s a transcript too, and the video is a slideshow - especially enjoyable if you like ribbon cables.

And here’s a rarely seen D-116 from Digital Computer Controls, a clone of the Nova (video thumbnail is a terrible choice!):

A commentator notes:

An important customer for the D116 was Nixdorf Computer AG in Germany (now a part of Siemens), which used the D116 as basis for their successful 8870 minicomputer series - see https://www.8870adventures.com/who-were-nixdorf.html for for some information

Edit: this is a nice one too:

I really liked the PDP-8/e birthday video.

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