Video Pong for one or two players, built with discrete components

A Pong Game with video display build out of discrete components. PDF with schematics available at the site.

Here’s an image of it taken from the site:

Here’s a write-up of it from Hackaday:

The game uses absolutely zero integrated circuits in its construction. Instead, it relies upon the services of 431 bipolar transistors, 6 JFETs and 826 diodes. Everything is laced together on protoboard, connected with a neatly organised nest of colored wires. Schematics are available for the curious.

It’s a full featured build, too. Video output is in color, scores are displayed at the top of the screen, and there’s even stereo panning for the sound effects. It just goes to show what some humble components can do when put to work in the right way.

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