VCF West event - in real life - this weekend, California

I see some of the events on the program are virtual presentations, but there’s a real life hall with exhibits, and some kind of swap meet too.

Schedule of events

Catalogue of Exhibits

Please post photos, videos, or anecdotes!

Here’s a BBC Micro / Archimedes / Econet network setup:


Many photos and a couple of short videos from “Commodore Z” on the VCF discord:

Edit: and a longer video, or two:

(NOVA 445 is “A Data General NOVA-compatible computer based on the Fairchild F9445 microprocessor”)


So I learned a few things: The MacColby (most amazing, but unofficial Mac lugable – on the left, is this a portable Mac with a plasma display? Yes, it’s a WalkMac from Colby Systems), Open University Hektor II (there’s always a British micro, you’ve never heard of), RT102 (black & red, ruggedized VT102 – never seen a photo of one), VT180 Microcomputer (mind the color coded keypad)…

(Links are pointing to related images in that gallery.)

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