VCF PNW 2020 - March 21st and 22nd!

VCFed is pleased to announce Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2020! We will be at Living Computers:Museum+Labs in Seattle Washington on Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, 2020.

What’s a Vintage Computer Festival? It is a weekend of hanging out with like-minded people who enjoy retro-computing. We’ll have old computers, big iron, 8-bitters, homebrew machines, replicas, and people with new kits and parts to enhance old machines. There will be four to six presentations and a consignment area for your treasure hunting needs.

To make this happen we are looking for exhibitors, speakers and volunteers. Last year we had 28 exhibits and 6 presentations. We had a great time, we broke the museum attendance record (again), and we are looking to have a good time again in March.

If you are thinking of traveling from outside of the region there is plenty to do in Seattle while you are here. Local attractions include the Connections Museum, the Pacific Science Center, MoPOP, the Boeing factory tour, Mr. Rainier, etc. Victoria, British Columbia is also a short distance away.

Details about VCF PNW 2020 can be found at . The exhibitor registration instructions can be found at . I’m happy to answer questions by email too.


mbbrutman at brutman dot com or michael at vcfed dot org

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Welcome, and thanks for posting the notice. I hope the event is a big success!

There must be rather a few vintage and retro events each year, around the world, and it might be handy to have a list for planning purposes. I see the VCF itself has a list here

and a link to unrelated VCF-alikes here

and a few more mentioned on VCFe’s site:

The CCH museum in Cambridge (UK) has a few events each year:

And the Acorn user group ABUG has a few too:

Hi Ed,

Thanks. I miss Google+, but oh well, here we are - thanks for setting up another home for us.

There are probably a lot of small, regional meet-up type events out there. Doing something as big as VCF PNW, East, or West takes a bit of coordinating and planning - we have to find a venue, get the speakers, and work on a good mix of exhibits. One of things I like about VCF-style events is that it is a big tent; we don’t specialize in just one machine type. You’ll find everything from big iron to Atari 8-bitters at an event.

Anyway, thanks for letting me spam the group.


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