Uxn personal computing stack

Although mentioned in passing in this message about desert island computing, I only stumbled across Uxn today:

The Uxn ecosystem is a little personal computing stack, created to host tools and games, programmable in its own unique assembly language.


I wonder what else like it is out there that I haven’t stumble across.

This talks goes in detail on the Uxn design


Ha ha - I was just quickly browsing through that talk, searching for a way to intersect uxn with retrocomputing. Some nice computer history notes in there, of course. It’s a great talk.

By intersection, I suppose I hoped to find an implemention of the uxn VM and ecosystem on an 8 bit or 16 bit machine: it’s surely small enough to do that. Although I suspect that idea doesn’t quite fit with the vision.

Anyhow, I also meant to note that the #uxn hashtag on Mastodon is quite active.

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For the record, I found Uxn via a comment on a Hackaday article:

Thanks for sharing the video. Some preservation aspects of the discussion remind me of this old blog post:

uxn has a 16bit virtual space. Exactly what you don’t want on an 8bit processor.

It reminds me somewhat of CHIP8 which is most definitely nice and suitable for little 8bit boxes.