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Ah, I see there is a configuration option for how much protection to apply to tag creation: I’ve bumped it down, so that should work for you now. Let’s see how it goes. I might feel a need to curate the tags later, if things seem to have gone a bit Cambrian.

I think I’d be happy with

  • decades (50s, 60s)
  • generations (mini, micro, workstation, supercomputer)
  • companies (cray, dec, acorn)
  • lines (pdp11, apple ii, archimedes)
  • CPUs (z80, mos6502, i8080)
    although that will turn out to be a lot! Please only create them as you use them - a tag which points nowhere doesn’t seem like a good plan. Better yet, use a tag once you see there are at least a couple of posts which could use it.
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So, for example, how would you feel about me tagging my two PDP-11 posts with “mini” and “pdp11”? Is it too early? (I feel like both of those categories are likely to get more posts, but maybe I’m biased?)


If trust level is the metric used for tag creation, it’s probably just that the forum is so young – as it grows, the trust level for that should probably be higher than my level (which is the lowest, I think?), because there will be preexisting tags for truly popular topics that have been previously created by long-term forum members.


I think it’s worth doing that, and then seeing how things go. If this forum takes off, it will be quite a slow ramp up, I think, so if we need to consolidate two tags or drop some, it shouldn’t be too much work.

One thing tags will do, like categories, is send a message as to what kinds of subjects are good here.

Indeed, as we get more people, and some people in the higher trust levels, we can bump up tag-creation until it’s back to the default. (Which was level 3. We only have a single level 2 at present, and that’s me.)

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Created. I guess one or both can always be pruned later, if warranted. :slight_smile:

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BTW there’s an index of tagged posts - or a list of tags, if you like, at


Just added “commodore” and “basic” tags – I hope this ok.
(I guess, while probably not a must for every post, tags are especially useful for knowledge base content. So some system or language related tags may come naturally.)