Using floppy disks in modern hardware for use in vintage hardware


I just finished restoring my Tandy 1100FDs, now I need to copy some files from the Internet onto diskettes for them.

What are people using out there to copy data on to floppys intended to be used in vintage hardware?

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I have had so much trouble with floppy disks I stopped using them. I now use the USB/Gotek drives instead for reliability. But as its a standard 720K drive, you can use a USB->FDD avaliable on ebay. In that case, the problem is getting media that is still reliable.


Unfortunately, the Tandy 1100FD uses a proprietary floppy drive and a completely different connector.
I have located an adaptor that SHOULD let me used a Gotek drive, but until it arrives, I won’t know for sure.
Getting media doesn’t seem to be a problem (as far as blank disks are concerned).