User groups meeting online these days

With user groups meeting online, there’s no travel involved and timezone differences become the biggest barrier (so long as English isn’t a barrier.)

The Acorn-centric crowd at stardot have been meeting for a while under the ABUG banner, and are now meeting online. There are general chat sessions, dev sessions, preservation sessions, and all-day sessions with invited talks.

The next one is this Saturday - agenda and sign-up here.

Some of the talks from previous sessions can be found as videos here and some here.

The RISC OS user group of London, ROUGOL, is also meeting online, monthly. They put a video up too, of an invited talk:

The Handheld and Portable Computer Club are meeting about every two weeks. But as a bigger deal, their annual conference is coming up shortly. I think there will be an online stream, whereas ‘attendees’ will need to sign up.

Any more regular or annual events coming up?

I was just thinking about local UG’s just the other day, and I don’t think we have any more groups in the area.

I stand corrected. The local UG still exists, but apparently in a much smaller version than the one that used to fill up an entire high school cafeteria in the 90s. Back then the web was new and all sorts of people were getting online, buying computers on QVC, and they all needed help. I used to go back then, but then the group kinda disappeared off the face of the earth. Looks like they still meet in a smaller local library once a month (well, not during covid), so I’ll have to start attending again.

There is an even bigger and better group about an hour away that still meets. They’re more linux centered, and I have been to that one more recently.

Anyway, I’m glad I saw this and looked into the local group. Maybe, if we get through the end times they will start having meetings again, and I will attend.

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Two events this weekend:

See the VCF’s channel for their streams (special emphasis on the 6502 this time):

And for Berlin (special theme of collecting computers as a hobby):


I see there are some English parts to the Berlin VCF, which is handy for me, at least:

Most exhibitions, presentations and workshops are in German, but there are also some English things:

Regarding the Berlin VCF site, there’s a minute detail most of the English speaking audiences will probably miss, namely the choice of languages as in “de-informal” and “en”. :slight_smile: