Up to 32 Bits in Paper (Papercraft Models of Retro Computers)

Designer Rocky Bergen’s site has a growing number of papercraft models featuring retro computers (with PDF plans for download), including IMSAI 8080, C64, Apple II, CPC 464, Amiga 500, Atari ST, the venerable IBM 5100 portable, the Nintendo AVS prototype and even a Gamecube. – Maybe a nice way to fill those gaps in your collection?


Image: The IMSAI 8080 papercraft model, the latest addition to the collection (and probably a more complete system than you may be able to pick up in reality)…

Another rare article, the IBM 5100…


I have downloaded the IMSAI 8080 model and will build&display it in my office.
They’re small-scale models, apparently (or I could zoom it in the copy machine I guess…), but that’s fine for the office.

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These are very cool. I love the cartridges for the 5100.

Oh never twigged on the papercraft thing - the trouble with a compartmentalised outlook. Been a fan of papermau for eons where they sometimes feature kit builds.


Nice one! Now I am obliged to try atleast one :smiley:

How could you people do this to me? I REALLY don’t need anything else to take my time, but these are so cool.
Maybe I can just look :wink:

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