Unknown computers in 1987 Swedish educational TV

Can anybody identify these computers?

The Luxor ABC? ABC 800 - Wikipedia

Yes, I’d agree, and the other one, without the numeric keypad, being ABC 80

I think it’s an ABC 806.

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Yes, of course. A Swedish series and Swedish computers. I didn’t expect modern Swedish computers at all. Sorry, if it was too easy. Thanks!

Not only is the Basic on the ABC machines respectably fast, and not only does it offer both ordinary and double length floats, but also it offers arithmetic operations on strings - up to 125 digits, perhaps.

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My high school (Finland) had some ABCs, though IIRC they were not offered for students as such, they were for a “nerd class” after regular hours.

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When I see ABC in the context of computers, I think of the first ever: the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (well before better known machines like Eniac, and if memory serves even before the Zuse machines).

There’s also ABC, the precursor of Python.

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Actually almost every European country had their own home computer serie back in those days. Many of them are quite unknown outside of the country.

There’s a research topic for someone, compiling that list!

My first PC was an Atari ABC-286.

FYI, there’s an entire site dedicated to Atari’s PC compatibles: https://www.ataripc.net/

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