Unix Programmer's Manual, First Edition


The first edition of the Unix Programmer’s Manual, dated November 3, 1971, is available here in image, Postscript, and PDF format. Return with us to the golden days of yesteryear!
The original manuals were typed on a Model 37 Teletype terminal that was evidently not in perfect tune. No contemporary digital representation (e.g. tape) survives, so far as I know. Nor do we have an original paper copy of it. If you look at the title page reproduced here in the image format, you’ll see that the real ink-and-hammer version belonged to Joe Ossanna and is marked in his hand. The paper on which this version was printed was given to Mel Ferentz on his retirement from Usenix, and the rendition here is from a xerographic copy of Ossanna’s original, made just before the gift to Mel.



From the days when a whole Unix manual would fit inside one medium sized book…

My first experience of Unix was late in the day (relatively speaking) in 1980 - Unix v6 on an old (then) PDP11/40. I spent hours reading/re-reading those manual pages - that were all printed out and bound (use precious live storage for man pages? never!)