UCSD p_System pages updated

The UCSD p-System pages have been updated and enhanced.

It used to be a collection of files form the yahoo UCSD Pascal group, which has alas disappeared (and came back to live at https://groups.io/g/UCSDPascal).

After searching my hard drive and the web I have collected a much wider collection of documents, files and disk images

And to get a feeling again how it was, I tested some with emulation. AppleWin for Apple Pascal, Altair80 for CP/M and DOSBOX for the MS-DOS hosted system.

Have fun at http://pascal.hansotten.com/ucsd-p-system/


I used Apple II Pascal for a summer computer aided learning project (CAL) I was doing in conjunction with Edinburgh uni and the local Hospital. (c1980)

It was driven by existing case studies and come demo day it was interesting to see the old medical professors argue over the diagnosis as the cases I had to enter into the system were somewhat old…

However Pascal worked really well then and the Apple I was using was part of a few others and a Terak in a lab, all running the UCSD p-system, so in-theory code was able to run on any of these systems although I never ran my stuff on anything other than the Apple II.

I think that was probably the last time I did any significant work in Pascal though, although I did look at the P system when I was looking at a self-hosting platform for my retro 6502 and 65816 systems, but stuck with BCPL instead.