Two in Hand Emulator

Anyone know the best way to contact Peter Liethen, who started work on this program for using Apple // software on a Newton device? I’m fairly certain he didn’t finish it, but I’m thinking that if I got his notes, I might be able to complete it so I can finally use it on an eMate 300.

I was going to suggest LinkedIn, but I notice on UseNet that you’ve already found that!

Here’s a couple of his old websites on the IA, just for the record
PeteNet on DragonFire
Pete’s Place at GlobalDialog
Apple ii Forever
TwoInHand info from the Apple ii Emulator Resources Guide

TwoInHand emulates a 128K Apple //c, with dual 5.25" floppies, modem and printer ports. Joystick, mouse and keyboard options depend upon the Newton configuration. Sound is fully emulated with a lag.

Thanks, Ed.It’s a little more than I had. Actually, I’ve been at this (off and on) since 2006.

Hey, Ralph.

Did you ever have any luck contacting Peter?