Tubetime - long long thread of retro images

A bit of an uncategorisable thing, a thread of tweets with very many retro advert images. You’ll see that massive floppy disk that gets posted now and again. You’ll see keyboards, displays, memories, storage devices, chips. (Click through the images for a large version)

Some examples:

Edit: a couple more pictures…

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Very impressive thread!

My favourite is still the Raytheon Symbolray monoscope:

Don’t miss the linked blog post on getting one of these running:

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From the comments there, Jeff Laughton links to his page:

This is the very machine Prof. Brailsford (computerphile) was talking about in his typesetting breaking series, isn’t it?

Edit: More specifically, this was about the 202, which is apparently the image setter that went with this system. Compare: &

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