TRS-80 Whiz Kids - Victory by Computer

Here’s a 36-page Superman and Supergirl adventure, where the kids help out using a range of TRS-80 computers: the Model III gets a mention, as does the Pocket Computer, the Color Computer and a VideoTex terminal.


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A school in the US was throwing out old material and a friend of mine got it and sent it to me. It included a different issue of Superman and TRS-80 computers, an audio tape and two sets of slides. I converted the tape and slides into a 37 minute movie about using computers in education, even keeping the very annoying beeps that tell you to advance the slide projector. I wonder if I would get in trouble with Tandy if I put that on Youtube?

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Today, we get this:

Wow. Someone (…) paid money for that. Completely meaningless to “create a GUI… in Visual Basic” in order to “track an IP address”. Product placement, or rather mis-placement. There’s always a new low…

Oh, another issue… and so it turns out, according to this article, there were three in the original series and then more later:
The Computers That Saved Metropolis (1980)
Victory by Computer (1981)
The Computer Masters of Metropolis (1982)

To be honest, these comics are not exercises of product placement. Rather, they’re exercises in Super Hero placement.

I’m quite impressed by the re-use and expansion of the TRS-80 brand - for me, it was strongly associated with 1977’s model, but I can see how useful it was to re-use it for pocket computer, color computer, and so on.

I have several physical copies of the second one (with Wonder Woman and Lex Luther). But the scans in that site are very high quality - way better than what I could do.

The comics are a bit funny (and there’s even real history lessons there), but the CSI episode is just terrible.