TRS-80 Power in a "Smart" Phone

Not really a computer (I think) but still interesting. I tried looking up some background information on this but couldn’t find relevant links.

Harry McCracken posted this tweet about Radio Shack’s first ‘smartphone’.

Radio Shack’s first smartphone, test-marketed for two weeks in late 1982 in Fort Worth and Boston, has been unfairly forgotten by history.

Image below taken from the tweet.

It turns out to be a spoof… which is a pity because the Model 100 was groundbreaking, and portable, and connectable:

The display, though, is Leo Christopherson’s famous Dancing Demon demo as seen here:

and as seen modified in George Phillips’ blog, which has much of TRS-80 interest:
Doubled Dancing Demon


Really? A spoof? Ah, that explains the lack of real references to it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, for whatever reasons it was never Tandy/Radio Shack’s style to try and make portable or smaller versions of their classic TRS-80 line. Maybe it was just too difficult anyway, looking at how huge the Model III and Model IV backplanes were.

Instead, the Coco and various portables would be acquired from others, without any consideration of compatibility of any sort.

That said, just look at the SX-64. Cramming a fully functional Commodore 64 into a “portable” form factor didn’t exactly result in a practical device. A portable classic TRS-80 would be an even more difficult fit.