Toshiba T3200SXC- looking for replacement parts

Some time ago I purchased a Toshiba T3200SXC on eBay from its previous owner, who got it while working at Boeing. It unfortunately needs a new TFT panel, hard drive, and potentially a new floppy drive- I got it to boot DOS with an external monitor plugged in but haven’t had reliable success getting the drive to spin up. Otherwise the device is completely flawless.

If anyone here happens to have those replacement parts feel free to let me know what you’d like for them. If anyone would like the device to repair themselves let me know as well, we can figure out a price.

It’s definitely not worth it.
Parts+shipping and repair. Probably exceeding the value by far.
You would get 3 or 5 used laptops for that or more.
And the question is if the shipped parts are OK and how long they last.
And as the HDD is defective as well, so the data is maybe lost, there’s no reason for repair.

The laptop look really nice and I think it would be a shame to trash it. I am not sure if you can get a original display replacement, but there is someone who did the display repair using a different one from the same era and the laptop look exactly the same as original.

There is also a link to “project log post”.

I’m not planning on getting rid of it, I’ll likely either just boot off floppies and save to an external disk or use a solution similar to SCSI2SD. Had just figured I’d ask if anyone on here happened to have spare parts and either be willing to sell the parts or interested in buying the laptop for their own restoration project.

I have looked into using a different TFT with the same 9 or 18 pin RGB hookup but obviously it’s less of a PITA to use the same part. Just has been a bit of a back-burner project for me