The Windows 95 Team Credits Easter Egg

Rather an obscure way in!

Interview with the musician here:

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I’m going to have to fire that up on a machine that doesn’t have sampled MIDI to experience the real '95. :wink:

I assume that the video was taken on an emulator, its MIDI rendering seems to be somewhere between what I’d expect from an old-style FM chip and something like a wavetable synthesis AWE32 (which would have been available at the time, I think). I could be misremembering, though, which is why I’d like to try!

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In the interview video Brian Orr discusses this a bit at 5:33: Was there a target playback device?

  • It had to work on Soundblaster in the Ad Lib compatibility mode, because that’s what “99.95%” of people will be playing it back on.
  • Or a PC speaker (!) (I’m not sure what he’s talking about there).
  • He wrote it using a Roland Sound Canvas.
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