"The Secrets of Perfect Memory" (1983)

A short humorous book by Elephant Memory Systems described as a survival manual for floppy-disk users. Written by A. Wiley Pachyderm and with some spaced-out illustrations.

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I was recently given a lot of retro computer stuff, most of it from the 80s. When I saw this booklet, I immediately recalled the floppy disk brand, with the slogan “The Elephant Never Forgets”. When I looked inside the front cover and found the drawing of the space elephant with solar panel ears, I felt like I was holding something special. I wasn’t able to find any scanned copy online, and the binding on my copy was failing, so I disassembled and scanned it. The result is now up on archive.org for all to read & download, or you can use the direct PDF link for download. Final bonus: I did find a magazine scan promoting the book which cost “one and one half earth dollars”, as well as Elephant’s own line of diskette storage boxes called “The Trunk”.

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I have a stack of these posters space elephant

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