The Psion HC - in between the 1 and the 3 (?)

If you’d asked me last week, I might have said that Psion skipped the Psion 2. The original Psion Organiser is in the shape of a brick with an ABC keyboard - certainly a computer, and portable, but not much like the Psion 3 which is a palmtop with a QWERTY.

(Photo from Bioeddie’s site.)

But it turns out there was an HC series, which not only introduced the EPOC operating system and the OPL programming language, but also had a command line. But it was still in the form factor of a brick and with an ABC keyboard, and could withstand three-foot drops onto concrete.

Photo from Bioeddie’s page Psion HC 100, 110 and 120 Models

For more overview see Steve Litchfield’s History of Psion

And for the HC’s technical manual, see this PDF.


Hi everyone! nice post! I have one of these bricks with keyboard, I believe that isn’t the missing link between 1 and 3, but it’s one of the same family that mentioned in the article.

Thanks for the article! Regards from Argentina :slight_smile:


Ah - there is a II. Oops! (So the HC is a 2½ perhaps.) Does the II have a command line interface to the OS, something like a shell?

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Not really, it has a menu with several options that sadly isn’t including any shell. The option that could be used as a kind of shell, is the PROG option that it’s used to program your own programs using Psion OPL language. You can create, list, edit and remove them from the mentioned menu. If you want taste the menu and their options I have found an online emulator that have several configurations to play Jape - Javascript Psion Emulator - Jaap's Psion II Page


Thanks for that! There is (or was) a Psion’s-own DOS emulator for the 3 series, which was (or is) excellent. Search for S3AEMUL or have a look here.
Or here:

Apologies for reviving this old topic, but my Google search for Psion HC info brought me here…

I’ve just acquired an HC120 (thanks eBay!) as part of the MC400 emulator project that started over on the Stardot forums (poking around in the HC and original Series3 ROMs as they share a common architecture with the MC).

I’ve found lots of old docs (datasheet/programming manual etc) but was specifically looking for images of the thing being used with a barcode wand…

Also found this beauty :slight_smile: