The Oric! A small 48k machine with a 6502 inside

We’re told the Oric-1 sold some 200k units. Here’s a wobbly-cam video showing the insides:

The ULA apparently implements about 80 chips worth of logic. It’s been decapped, photographed, and reverse-engineered. See
“Six weeks of fairly intensive reverse-engineering, drawing and documenting later, we finally have access to the complete schematics, documentation and simulation of the ULA.”

There’s a video showing the disposition of the 4000 transistors in the ULA:

Here’s The Register’s take on the machine, its history, and the people who made it:

There’s a video rundown here of 4 Tangerine/Oric offerings and 3 related machines:

Many sales were in France, so some of the online presence reflects that. The main forum is

Hat-tip to @hoglet for the link to the reverse-engineering.