The Oberon+ Programming Language

The Wirth languages soldier on with Oberon+.

The list of Niklaus Wirth - Wikipedia languages is nothing if not breathtaking: Pascal, Modula, Modula-2, Oberon, Oberon-2, Oberon-07. (And before Pascal e.g. Algol-W!)

(Though sarcastically one could say he’s just inventing the same language again and again.) (Just like Rob Pike arrived at Go.) (Though that’s what is called getting iteratively better at it.)

If one wants to program like Niklaus, there is of course also the branch of and its windowsized offspring, Delphi and

(There was once gpc, GNU Pascal Compiler, I worked with one of its contributors, but that folded a long time ago, and now lives on, I think, as part of Free Pascal.)


There is quite a split in directions after Pascal.

The non-Wirth way

Pascal - Turbo pascal - Delphi/Object Pascal - Freepascal - Lazarus

versus the

Pascal - Modula - Oberon


The Object Pascal line leads to a modern IDE environment, Freepascal/Lazarus is multiplatform on modern OS’es and very practical, well embebbed in mdoern Os’ like Windows, Linux and many more. Write once, compile and run everywhere.

Oberon is more of a operating system than just a programming language. And more directed to teaching, as was always the Niklaus Wirth way. Oberon is a minimal system and a small language.

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Write once, compile and run everywhere.
JAVA Seems to have taken a lot of ideas from Pascal.
I wish they had ALGOL simplified, rather than ALGOL 68, PASCAL,Oberon and the like.
The lack of a OPEN SOURCE O/S for the 386 seems to have stopped develpment
of other languages than C, in the 1990’s.