The Nokia N900: the future that wasn’t

At one time this was my ‘dream gadget’, after using and loving its predecessor, the Nokia N810.

In what seems like several lifetimes ago, the mobile devices market seemed like it would be wide open. Even as the window for platforms that weren’t Android or iOS was closing rapidly, we were all hoping we wouldn’t end up with another duopoly. While there were several contenders – BlackBerryos 10, Windows Phone, to name a few – quite a few more nerdy mobile device users held out hope that instead of neutered, restrictive, and limited operating systems, we’d end up with a true computer in our pocket.

No other device represented this slice of the market better than the Nokia N900.
Despite its age, the N900’s story isn’t actually over. The community has stepped up and is developing an updated version of Maemo, called Leste. The last release stems from December 2020, and if there’s enough interest, I’ll see if I can get it running for a short review.


I’ve still got mine… as good as new, except for the battery. Was in active use until this year. Would still be, if the battery could hold up.


I had all the Nokia Communicator phones from the original “brick”, ending with the N900. (And their little tablet thing too). I really liked them, Sadly my N900 was dropped once too often and the display stopped working, so that was that.


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See also the HN discussion, which inevitably covers some of the Nokia politics around this:

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