The Mindset Computer

In this video, The 8 Bit Guy demos The Mindset, which was going to be “the next big thing” back in the day, but it never happened. I had only heard about this rare beast. Cool to see the real item.


Fascinating. I recall reading about the Mindset back in the 80s but hadn’t seen it mentioned in many years. It’s an interesting example of why ‘kinda-sorta’ compatbility is worse than none at all, I don’t think any of the semi-PC compatibles ever achieved much success.

Looking at it, I do wonder if someone at Sharp stumbled across one of these somwhere as the Mindset and X68000 have a marked resemblance.

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There is a new documentary (or rather, what seems to be the start of an entire series) on the Mindset computers:

This may be also interesting in the context of the parallel thread on the Amiga and what difficulties marketing a machine like this faced in the mid 1980s, if you just hadn’t that ample a budget for this. Especially, since there had been a hypothetical chance of this becoming Atari’s direct competitor to the Amiga.

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I’ve had a number of them. Now only 2 left, 1’s issue may just be power supply related, the other unit.may be toast entirely. I’ll be selling 1 in the coming months, really need a large van. Will also be selling an IBM 5175 + graphics card + Vermont Microsystems clone.