The IBM smartphone that runs OS/2, Windows and Doom

Every so often you come across a device that makes you giggle, because it’s that charming. In this case it’s the IBM PC110 from 1995. Admittedly, you need a PCMCIA modem or a landline to turn this into a working telephone, but it compares favorably in the pocketability category (if this is a word) to some of the more modern phones. :slight_smile:
Bonus: A third party module by Canon turned this even into a selfie machine, just like the modern state of the art cousins.

Here as presented by LGR in a recent video:

and in a more regular review format from last month:


Ooh, I want a phone like this! It’s got that 1980’s CD player aesthetic:

I had no idea that IBM made something like that. I never came across one in the nineties, I can’t remember any ads - but I had stopped buying Byte by then - and was it only sold in Japan anyway? I haven’t watched all of the video yet. I’m impressed though. Unfortunately I’ve not seen any of these in Japan either. I’m not surprised over the documentation etc - that’s Japan. They don’t do things half way, and there’s pride in doing good work.
And he got comments like “Where does the SIM card go?” “How do you get a signal?” Maybe it shouldn’t be shocking that people these days don’t actually understand the word “landline”, but yes I’m shocked anyway. How quickly we fall…

Yes, it was Japan only and it was the last iteration of a class of devices. I think, LGR had a video on one of the predecessors already.

There are some rather hilarious “How to use a dial phone” informtional films by Bell/AT&T on Youtube, which may be used unironically for educational purpose nowadays. E.g., How to Use Your New Dial Phone - YouTube