The IBM PC 5150 original tape capabilities (storing .COMs to tape)

Awhile back, I gathered up some notes on using the cassette port on the IBM 5150:

5150: Setting up Tape Deck Connection (because the 5150 can) — voidstar

Some trivia I came across: Phil Katz (of PKZIP) wrote a Wheel of Fortune game in BASIC, around 1983. Can load that from tape.

Also notes on using another PC as the “tape recorder”, or a smart phone . And also a list of .COM programs that I’ve successfully saved back to tape (using Bogan’s updated version of 5150CAXX)

There are few other IBM 5150 related articles near there – such as using 4x disk drives, using a WiModem, and notes on why I like DR-DOS the best :smiley:



For offline BASIC development, Rob Hagemans’ PC-BASIC — note-perfect GW-BASIC emulation in Python — supports reading and writing to the virtual CAS1 device via WAV and CAS bit-dump files.

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A nice write-up of cassette use! :smile:
It reminds me that VWestlife made a video about using the IBM PC with a cassette recorder:

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Nice, it’s a great video too, some stuff I forgot about:

  • good visual of the MIC jumper P4
  • covers BASIC “motor” command
  • Music Construction Kit
  • the weird PCjr cassette cable (that I can’t find any photos of either)

There are updates to caxx5150 program since then, including “auto generating” the loading code when saving .COMs.