The Great Renaming FAQ (and the Usenet Cabal, or, What is a Backbone?)

This may be an intersting document: If you were not there to live it (like me) there’s much to learn, otherwise, I guess, it may be amusing.

The Great Renaming
1985 - 1988

"Those who mourn for ‘USENET like it was’ should remember
the original design estimates of maximum traffic volume:
2 articles/day"
-Steven Bellovin

Welcome to The Great Renaming FAQ. The problem with most FAQs is they are too long and are often unreadable. One should be able to print out a FAQ and read it over dinner. Thus this FAQ intends to give a concise, readable history of the 1986 Great Renaming of Usenet. The origins of the now mythical Usenet Cabal and the great “comp.women” debacle are also touched on. Although much of what happen so long ago has been lost in the mists of time, or become mythology, this FAQ hopes to be as accurate as possible.

(Lee S. Bumgarner, 2000)

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