The Forgotten Operating System That Keeps the NYC Subway System Alive


I was a big OS/2 fan… started with MS-OS/2 and finally ended when WARP 4 was scrapped. Then moved to Linux and X

That’s an interesting story. Although I never used OS2, I always thought it was a “better” OS than anything MS put out. My understanding was that it was exceedingly stable, once you got it running.

I ran OS/2 when I bought my original Pentium 90 machine (with the FDIV bug). It shipped with Windows 3.11 (It was a ZEOS Pantera). But I immediately installed OS/2. A local guy ran a UG for it, and was very passionate, and convinced me. I loved it. For a very long time it did everything I wanted it to do. Then there was one thing it wouldn’t do, that I needed done, and I had to go to Win95.

Oh yes, Intel swapped out the CPU for me, for one without the bug.

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