"The first video game" - a retrotastic video lecture

I love the presentation style of this history, which starts with a once-popular answer to the question, and works backwards. It’s an hour-long narrated slideshow, but with a relaxing pace and delivery. And it uses real transparencies! With mentions of the Manchester Baby, Manchester Mark 1, Ferranti Mark 1 and EDSAC. And so much more - as you would if you took an hour to think about this question.

From their Patreon page:

Hello! My name is Stuart Brown - best known for my YouTube channel, ’ Ahoy '.

I produce documentary-style video content about video games and their impact on culture : history, influence and artefacts of design. As a one man team, I’m responsible for all aspects of production: script-writing, graphics, voiceover, gameplay recording, editing and music.

This series on the influence of the Cold War on video games looks good too - starts all the way back, with Enigma (not a game):

via a post to the TNMOC member’s list, by David Boucher.


What a great presentation.

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