The Digital Antiquarian

I’d like to highlight a long-running blog that has been referenced a few times on this site, but deserves a post of its own. Jimmy Maher’s The Digital Antiquarian is a treasure, focusing mostly in adventure games, but spanning the technologies and platforms on which they run (from Crowther and Woods’s original Adventure and then Zork on University minicomputers, through the early 16 kB micros and on into the PC/Mac/Amiga era) and the other entertainment and software scenes of the times. It’s well worth a read, and that read will take you a while, as the table of contents shows:

It’s as well or better researched than many computer history books that I’ve read, and honestly has more the feel of a published text in chapters than a blog.


It’s very good indeed! You can download whole sections of back-catalogue as free ebooks for offline reading, too:


Any other blog recommendations?

(I posted the collection of RSS feeds that I follow in this thread.)

Great, thanks for that.

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If you’re interested in old games, The CRPG Addict is fantastic. It’s fun, it’s interesting, and it saves you countless hours of fiddling with emulators to run old games with quirky and weird interfaces.

I’ve just seen an automatic recommendation for this, as something I might like:
Fabien Sanglard’s blog: graphics tech, game tech; latest post Amiga related

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I have his Game Engine Black Book for Doom, it’s really fantastic.

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