The CRT Controller Handbook

Did you always want to learn how to control your CRT, like it’s 1980? The CRT Controller Handbook by Gerry Kane gives you a chance to so, discussing the state of the art by principles of operation and by example (of 5 chips by National Semiconductor, Intel, Motorola, Synertek and Texas Instruments):

via 8bitnews


I actually own a physical copy of this book. :slight_smile: (I bought it for nostalgic reasons, having programmed most of those parts in my past …).


I also own this; for a while I was trying to get my hands on as much of the Osborne series as possible. Some of them are very expensive! I like the CRT Controller Handbook, but the individual chapters don’t go much beyond the data sheets for the specific chips they cover. The first part, which gives a general overview of CRT display technology, is great. I also like the feature comparison of the various chips it covers.