The Commodore CLCD Project


Welcome! This is a project to recreate a “Commodore LCD” computer (aka CLCD). The CLCD was a prototype laptop computer that was in development in 1984/85 and reached pre-production stage. Unfortunately it was cancelled in favour of the C128 computer. Only a handful of these computers were made and few survived. Luckily system specifications, firmware, and schematics were saved. Firmware from Bil Herd’s early REV1 prototype were dumped, however the schematics are from the later REV 2 and there were some changes. No REV2 firmware has been archived as of yet.

For a long time I have been interested in this machine, as it had the potential to be a game-changer. Bil had managed to save the schematics, but until recently one page was missing. Finally the missing page was found and the schematics scanned and finally released in 2022, which motivated me to start this project. This is a multi-faceted project to create a CLCD work-alike machine, not in an exact duplicate, but in a form that is more up-to-date, using newer still-available chips. Since the LCD panel, custom gate arrays, keyboard and case are not available we need to find alternate solutions. This project is also a way for me to learn CPLD programming, as well as using PLCC chips, and modern implementations of the CPU and VIA chips.

All pcbs will be designed with Kicad. Full design files will be made available when they are usable. I will probably use Sketchup to design the 3D case as I am most comfortable with that.

This will be a team project with myself and Mike Naberezny. Mike has much more electronics experience than I do, and also has experience with designing and building Single-Board Computers. Mike has also done extensive disassembly of the CLCD KERNAL which means he can write test firmware to test each component of the pcb.


What does one do with it? Is the LCD display ample size for games?

Wouldn’t mind pulling up one of these from the backpack to work during the commute. (Easier on the back than working from the SX-64 as well.) :sweat_smile:

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