The COMIX-35 - a remake of the COMX-35

Rather a nice authentically-old school single board machine with a nice full size mechanical keyboard:

32k SRAM and running on an 1802 processor. You do need to find a source for the 4 older chips…

Full build instructions within:

There is apparently a lot of free software (although the linked archive site seems to be broken):

The COMX-35 has a keyboard with an integrated joystick in place of cursor keys. It was relatively inexpensive and in the Netherlands it came with a ‘large’ collection of free software. COMX-35 was manufactured in Hong Kong by COMX World Operations Ltd.

Here’s the original machine:


for a (dutch) review september 1984.

A relative popular machine in the Netherlands due to an active distributor. is the site of the COMX-35 club, lots of usefull info there!


Well, the 1802s are easy! Just order ten Hitachi 6309 CPUs from Ebay and scratch your head when ten RCA 1802s arrive.

(Warning: this technique may not work for people who are not as ditzy as me. This was not the vendor’s fault. Anyway, if anybody’s here in Japan and wants an 1802…)


Thanks @HansOtten - I see you wrote and published two articles in that timeframe. It would be great to run those through OCR to add a text layer (generally useful, but especially useful to someone who will need machine translation!) I usually upload such documents to the Internet Archive for the benefit of free OCR, although I have in the past used Tesseract locally.

Unfortunately it looks to me like the software archive at the COMX-35 club is no longer working - do you happen to have an archive of software, or know where one might be found? I see your article mentions both Basic and Forth. (And if I’m not mistaken, also a tiny Pascal written in Forth…)

I love the looks of it. Well done!

Working on a 3D case for the clone. Will make it available once finished

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This fellow here - COMIX-35 Assembly Resources | - apparently compiled all needed resources. The chips are sold as a kit at eBay: Homebrew COMX-35 IC Kit | eBay

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The STL files of my 3D case, a PDF for the case stickers and a number of photos of my “makes”