The Art of Code at CHM

A preview of The Art of Code by the CHM. I’ve extracted from the post a section about some interesting historical software to be released this year.

The Computer History Museum invites you to accompany us for a year-long tour through this Art of Code, with many opportunities to explore remarkable stories, events, and historical source code releases. We will hear from experts and luminaries about how software is created and the important consequences it has for society. We will have a chance to explore, firsthand, the source code behind major developments in computing. And we will have a chance to engage in discussions about critical issues today and their relationship to code.
For programmers, developers, coders, and other students of code, we will begin a remarkable series of historical source code releases over the year. We will begin with the public release of the source code for PostScript, the innovative software behind printing as we know it, the rise of Adobe, and PDF. Closely following will be CHM’s public release of the source code for the Apple Lisa computer, a remarkably influential project by Apple that did so much to bring the graphical user interface and “What You See is What You Get” approaches into personal computing. It is still our primary way of interacting with digital technology forty years later.