The Apollo Guidance Computer

Not quite ready to play yet. Marc has to build some devices to simulate data the AGC acts upon (acceleration, etc…), and a visit from Ben Krasnow.

Part 21: The guys attempt a moon landing.

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Episode 22. Another failed diode needs replacement. In the process of doing these repairs, they learned that this particular diode was banned from usage on all AGC’s because of constant failures, and not only was the diode banned, the vendor was banned too. The reason this module still had the bad diodes was because this module had issues that deemed it unflyable.

Episode 23. This video is just ridonkulous.

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Since everybody loves an alternative perspective, here’s a video from Scott Manley, to whom the team is proudly showing their work. (Scott Manley has a popular space related YT channel and can be seen visiting the team in episode #19, I think it is, which is also the state of this project in this video.)

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The Nerds go to MIT where the AGC was born!

Part 25! I was afraid Curious Marc got kidnapped or something!