Texas Retro Computer Warehouse (Computer Reset, Dallas, TX)

LGR video about Clint’s trip to the about to be closed down Computer Reset, a warehouse in Dallas, TX, full of retro computer stuff (some still new in box):

Apparently, there are still infrequent chances for a visit, as organized in this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/627459117730981/
(Have a look at the video description for any updates.)

Sadly, I’m more or less on the wrong side of the world for a tour…

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Yikes that’s a hoard. I’d love to see the remains after all the PC-era stuff had been moved out… it’s a personal thing, but x86 doesn’t do it for me.

For the most part, this kind of ‘collection’ can only end up in landfill - there’s a real lesson in being a bit more organised and making a plan to pass things on to people who care. What’s distressing is that the final closedown often happens with the shortest possible notice, so we’re left with just the slim chance that someone who really cares can make a trip and arrange transport and muscle.

I tend to agree with Ed. It would have been nice to see a few old gems from the minicomputer era or possibly a few early microprocessor based systems - before PC cloning began.

This warehouse represents the ugly-side of mass market PCs and peripherals, and 30 years plus of built in obsolescence.

The high content of mixed plastics, glass CRTs and reduced metal makes very little of that hoard recyclable in any way.

With the pressures from attorneys to liquidate and dispose of the stock, most likely, an outside contractor will enter the warehouse with mini-bulldozers and load it indiscriminately into 40 foot dumpster trailers to be hauled off for crushing and landfill.

I saw this happen at the redundant Berkeley University Depository - across the street from where I worked, where contractors spent 3 months in Bobcats, emptying the largest warehouse in Berkeley.

A collection of stuff without order or classification, is not much more than trash.

That is why it is great to see the retrocomputing world well represented by carefully organised and fully catalogued and restored artifacts held in excellent specialist museums and collections - both in the US and Europe.

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However, there’s a room full of terminals, VT100, etc…

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Oh, man! I wish I lived closer to Dallas now. I really want one of those VT100s.