Texas Instruments Travel Mate 4000E Laptop Not Working Help

So I have ended up with one of these in a job lot.

It came with original power supply, but neither this or the computer lights up when plugged in.

I believe the computer will work without a battery pack, so I am on the hunt for a replacement/alternative power supply.

The charger is Texas Instruments model 2580940-0006
Input 100-250v, 0.65 -0.35A/47-63HZ
Output 5.2v 4.0a, 6.0v 0.3a or 5.2v 0.0a 6.5v 2.2a. Max 24 Watts

The charger uses a Kycon KPPX-3P Connector, but I know you can get an converter quite easily.

I’m based in the UK and don’t have the skills to build my own sadly.

If anyone can point me in the right direction of a replacement charger that would be great. I don’t want to sell the laptop or throw it away. I’m thinking the original charger is rarer than hen’s teeth, so it might be many months or years until I find a reasonably priced one on Ebay!