Teletext game about sinking the Belgrano

I don’t know why I just remembered this, but…

When I was a kid I recall reading that during or shortly after the Falklands war there was a “game” played on teletext where one attempted to sink the Belgrano. I remember a screenshot, which appeared to show graphics far in advance of what I had ever seen in teletext, and I wondered in the article author had become confused.

It was in a major magazine or newspaper, can’t recall which. I also seem to recall color, which would imply a magazine.

Is this ringing any bells for anyone?

My memory was that the game was available while the UK fleet was still steaming southwards, before the real life sinking of the ship. I saw it in a newspaper in Brazil and the picture was in black and white.

Someone on stackoverflow found it, the game is called “Obliterate” and ran on the Prestel service.


Worth a link I think to that Q&A.