Tejotron – Virtual Breadboard in the Browser (inspired by Ben Eater's 6502)

You may know Ben Eater’s work involving breadboards and 8 bits, like his videos on making 8-bit CPUs and computers, or his 6502 project. Fascinating as this may be, you may lack a breadboard or the required components in order to follow along at home. But do not despair, as help is near: actually as near as your web-browser, since Ben Eater’s work has now inspired a virtual breadboard application.

Tejotron is a working virtual breadboard with a 6502 setup as a demo application, but doesn’t stop there. You may not only edit the breadboard or start a new project from scratch, you may also edit and run some code and set parameters in an incorporated IDE. Apparently — having a look at the third party licenses page —, it comes with a full-fledged macro assembler (cc65) and even a standard C compiler. And there are also a few instructional videos (YouTube).

Minor drawback: Doesn’t work in Safari, but it does work in desktop Chrome, Edge, Chromium, and Firefox. (Also, it’s all WebAssembly, so no peeking into the source code.)


Via HN, discussion: Show HN: Virtual breadboard in the browser, inspired by Ben Eater's 6502 | Hacker News


Looks great!


Indeed! Great job, very much iusefull functionality!

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