Team 6502: The story of the team behind the chip that launched a revolution

Very nice. Team 6502 is a website set up by Jennifer Holdt-Winograd, daughter of MOS Technology ​Product/Program Manager ​for Microcomputers & 6502 Process Development Manager, Terry Holdt, to document the history of the 6502 and its designers.

Through personal accounts or those of family related to the original 6502 design team members including Terry Holdt, Wil Mathys, Rod Orgill, Harry Bawcom, Sydney Anne Holt, Walt Eisenhower, and John Paivinen, as well as historical documents including MOS Technology brochures, inter-office memos, notes from brainstorming sessions, patent awards, 6502 Rubyliths, testing procedures, and test results, tells the stories of the other MOS Technology engineers and employees behind the chip that put the transformative power of the microprocessor into everybody’s hands.


I started a thread (on the 6502 forums) to record interesting findings:
Interesting findings in the team6502 trove

This looks like a real jewel for computer historians. Good for his family for making this stuff public.