TAB Products Series 700

On ebay I found PCBs, CPU and photos of a manual. Does anybody have more info about system or company? A disk data collection system. 2 opposite displays shared in one. In Germany introduced in 1979.

The CPU is Motorola 11806CA (quad-in-line package). Rare chip carrier. Some time ago I found a similar “Power plastic split DIP” on a TAA611B chip. But probably there were many similar stations.
I assume it’s this company described here
TAB Products Co. |

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Hmm Rockwell had a CPU of that number, and they liked QIP packages.

My late stepfather was the CIO of Tab Products back in the 1970s. I thought they were just an office furniture company. I guess they were more than that.

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Yes it’s indeed Rockwell. The seller still sell the CPU/PCB as Motorola. The logo is a bit similar.
I think the company is still alive. At least their name. (I found Co. and Corp).
On bitsavers there are some photos and firmware of another computers. Obviously mainly monitors. Maybe they had a cooperation with another company for the hardware? (Made in Taiwan). Very few info around.

Index of /pdf/tabProducts
Here’s a brochure in color.
On the 2nd pdf there’s what they offered. They still offer data storage and conversion.