Stuttgart museum - online next week [German language]

This is German-language content, but the virtual tour of the museum is a feast for the eyes in any language:

There’s a PDP-themed online event next week:

Here’s the main page for the museum:

The museum also got a mention in this previous thread:
19 bit minicomputing - the Mincal 523 from Dietz

Edit: another clip from inside the museum:

via a thread on Mastodon, which I might be lucky to find again…
… ah, here


Ah, I can see a LGP-30 in the video thumbnai!

(They do have one, which is pretty well documented, compare

Edit: The virtual tour actually starts with a demo of this LGP-30, which is the oldest running computer in Germany!

Past streams are available at the YouTube channel of the museum:

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That virtual tour was great, and so easy to understand. I was surprised when the video started, it was like hearing my native language or English - must be his way of speaking. Thanks for posting that!

Edit: I see others commenting about his easy-to-follow speech in that Mastodon thread as well :slight_smile: