Steven Levy interview (audio) and much more at The Famous Computer Cafe (1985)

Many half-hour radio shows from 1985, including interviews with many notables.

Two parts feature Steven Levy, author of Hackers:
The Famous Computer Cafe 1985-01-15 Steven Levy
The Famous Computer Cafe 1985-01-16 Steven Levy (journalist) and Sid Meier (Microprose)

Full collection here (52½ episodes):

The Famous Computer Cafe was a radio program that aired from 1983 through early 1986. It included computer news, product reviews, and interviews. The Famous Computer Cafe recovery and digitization project was done by Kay Savetz in 2024. If you have access to other episodes of Famous Computer Cafe on tape, please contact Kay Savetz.

via Kay Savetz on VCF discord:

We’ve finished digitizing all of the The Famous Computer Cafe tapes. In the end, we recovered 52 1/2 episodes, a perfect time capsule of the world of microcomputing spanning November 17 1984 through July 12, 1985.

Newly added episodes include:
John Shirley, who was president of Microsoft. He died in 2013.

John Reese, head of Tronix and Monogram Software, talking about home banking and “Dollars and Sense” software.

A banger of an episode with journalist Steven Levy (author of Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution); Sid Meier of Microprose, talking about F-15 Strike Eagle); and Dave Johnson of IBM, discussing voice response and speech processing systems.

Christopher Miles of Crystal Network, which was some sort of online service that I couldn’t get my head around.

Sherrie Rabinowitz and Kit Galloway of The Electronic Cafe, talking about electronic art. (They still maintain a web site and their stuff is wild.)

Tony Sneed of Tascor, which was some kind of multi-level marketing scheme for software sales, designed to prevent piracy.

Farley Malorrus, a "computer astrologist”. He’s still around, doing similar stuff.

“Dr. Disk” David Jonson answers listeners’ computer questions. This is a fun one.

Jim Holmes, talking about computer users groups.

Also talking about users groups is Bud Grove, president of the Apple Byters User Group.

Jim Zuber of Blue Chip Software, creator of Millionaire: The Stock Market Simulation and other financial simulations.

Hundreds more episodes are still lost, so keep an eye out in the world for more Famous Computer Cafe tapes: they’re on 10.5” NAB reel-to-reel tapes, and may still be in or around the Los Angeles area.


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